Top 10 Android Spy Apps 2019

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SPY on Calls
SPY on sms & mms
Spy on emails
Track gps location
Monitor internet use
Access address book
Access calendar
Instant messages
Control apps
VIew photos & Videos
Remote control
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Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
We have collected several of this applications and tested them thoroughly to bring you the top 10 Android spy apps. The applications that we tested were all similar but also unique in their own way. The differences sometimes seemed minor at first glance, but after further tasting was done we realized that the difference was more than cosmetic.

When it comes to Android spy apps, MSpy proved to be the best for tracking Android based phones.

We live in a world where information is the key to everything, whether it’s running a business or knowing the general whereabouts of somebody, it doesn’t matter. The fact is that information is sought after in its every form. It’s because of this that programmers all around the world patented application that are specifically designed to be able to track android mobile devices.

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The reason for this was that although we were testing android tracking apps, these were the applications that supported all the modern mobile device operating systems, not just android. It was also our opinion that this will prove useful in the long run for some customers. Even though the previously mentioned applications supported all operating systems, the other contestants for this race are hard to forget because each and every one of them is unique in their own way. The applications at hand are MSpy and Mobistealth. We have tested all the apps and graded them on their overall design, functionality and many other factors that we will be discussing later on. The apps that we tested offer many different ways to track a mobile device. From automatic GPS location relaying to the ability to monitor the phone book and instant messengers that were previously installed on the device. Like we stated before, each app is unique in its own way.

How Do Android Spy Apps Work?

Ever android phone tracking app pretty much works in the same way. The software on the device that is being tracked collects and sends the information requested to your device for you to review. The first obvious difference is noticed in the way that this information is being sent. Some applications like Flexispy gather information and send it immediately if the device at hand has an active internet connection. On the other hand we have applications that will only use wireless internet for sending data. This can be quite handy in some occasions if you don’t want the person to know that their android phone is being tracked. Connection vise, some applications naturally stand out, on the first test the application Highster connected to our device on its first try, but latter on we realized that this was not constantly happening because during the next several attempts the application failed to connect. On the other hand we would like to point out that PhoneSheriff didn’t connect on the first attempt but after that managed to connect several consecutive times. Other applications on the top 10 Android spy apps list like Eblaster and Mobistealth gave us results that were balanced out. By this we mean that the number of successful connection was better that Flexispy and still not as good as Highster. When we took a look at the bigger picture it was obvious that there was a clear tradeoff between functionality and the overall visual quality of the application. What we are trying to say is that, for example Spyera had a pretty well thought out user interface and the functionality of the application suffered for it, while Highster had a user interface that wasn’t anything to brag about, while it delivered the result that we were looking for.

Can I Use Android Tracking Apps to Spy on Somebody?

It all depends on what you are looking for, some applications like Mspy offer the ability to know the GPS location of the device you are spying on, while other applications don’t offer that ability. In return they give you the ability to spy on someone phonebook and on their Skype and Facebook account. Every application on the top 10 Android spy apps list has its advantages. It is up to you to choose which one is the best for your needs. We are only reviewing this applications so you can save a lot of money and times by not researching them.

Are Android Spy Apps Legal?

The first thing that we would like to say that if you chose any on the applications from our top 10 Android spy apps list, we would like to point out that there is a strong line between law and ethics. As far the law is concerned, you need to advise the person that you will install spy software on their android device, on the other hand, if the device is registered to your name you can install spy software without notifying anybody about it. Now, as far as ethics are concerned on this matter, we strongly suggest that no matter whose device is at hand, that you inform that person on the matter of the spyware that you are willing to install on their mobile device. We strongly suggest this because opinions on this matter differ prom person to person. Some will realize that having spy software on their android device will increase their overall security while other will have a hard time accepting that you will have a total insight on their personal affairs.

In Conclusion

Each app on our list of top 10 Android spy apps performed well in the overall run. The tests we did were conclusive and the results were collected and reviewed. Some apps performed better in the long run than others, but it is always up to the customer to decide which application will suit their specific needs the best. Based on this, its needless to say that maybe you won’t find everything that you are looking for in one application, and it is because of this that we reviewed more than a couple of applications.