Top 10 Blackberry tracking apps

We gathered all the application in one place and started testing them in order to bring you the Top 10 Blackberry tracking apps. After a couple of hours in to the process and we soon came to realize that the skill of the programmers was obvious. Some applications lacked core functions while others had options that weren’t needed for blackberry mobile devices.

MSPY was the application that immediately caught our eye as a most optimal option for Blackberry tracking.

Blackberry smartphones have been around for quite a while, since their release in January 1999 they caught up quickly and became the mobile device of choice for anybody that needed wireless communication ability at the time. Almost two decades later blackberry mobile devices are still here and are the preferred choice of communication for all major companies all around the world. It’s needless to say that all the companies have their dedicated information leaks, and unsecured mobile devices of employees are a big part of the problem. So the market that was specifically aimed at software that was designed to track or to spy blackberry mobile devices became available and work for such devices was on their way. By the time we realized that applications that can actually track blackberry mobile devices exist there were a sufficient number of them.

Did you know?



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MSpy was simple, the user interface was easy to understand and it worked flawlessly, on the other hand we had applications like Highster, Mobilespy, Mobistealth and Flexispy. All of the above mentioned applications have their strengths and their weaknesses. Mobistealth has the ability to track E-mails while Mobilespy has the ability to locate the GPS coordinates of the device you are tracking. But the reason we put MSpy in the first spot is the fact that it possesses all the above mentioned capabilities.

How Does It Work?

As far as hardware the applications require is concerned, all the Top 10 Blackberry tracking apps use the wireless antenna, the 3g or 4g antenna. In other words all the modern blackberry devices or mobile phones in general have these components. Connection wise, some applications outperformed the rest. Upon further testing was done we realized the MSpy had a strong 3g and wireless connection, on the other hand Highster and Mobistealth only had a good 3g connection while Flexispy only had a stable wireless connection to your device. As far as communication between your device and the device you are tracking, all the applications work differently. We found out that the applications MSpy and Highster accumulate data over time in order to send them when you request it. This can be useful when the device you are spying on doesn’t have an active internet connection. Applications Mobilespy and Spyera don’t have this capability. These applications are only able to send the requested information when the device has an active internet connection. This can be a drawback for some customers that know that an active internet connection isn’t always available. Another thing that we feel that we should mention is the compatibility. Some applications simply refused to connect to their paired blackberry mobile device just because the software was older, this problems accrue from time to time, and aren’t localized to any specific app. It was an important factor when we were deciding which applications should go on the top 10 list. So if you decide to use any Top 10 Blackberry tracking app we assure you that your devices operating system will be supported no matter what application to choose.

Can I really use tracking apps?

If you consider the fact that you need to install correspondent software to the device you are willing to spy on, it isn’t that big of a surprise that the answer to that question is yes. As for the installation of the application is concerned you will need some technical knowledge about blackberry mobile devices in order to successfully track the mobile devices of your employees? the same goes for the general usage of the software, let’s not forget that all the Top 10 Blackberry tracking apps are high grade pieces of spy software, and operating it will be hard at times, but some applications or more user friendly than others so you won’t have a lot of trouble with applications in the top of our ladder.

Is it legal?

When looking at the entire situation from the legal standpoint, we feel we have a couple of things we should mention. If you are a CEO which is currently dealing with information leaks in your company and your employees are using blackberry devices that are purchased by your company in order for your employees to use them, or if you are a concerned parent that is simply worried about his family, the devices need to be registered to you or your company. Another thing that we should mention is the fact that spying in general isn’t legal in any country, while information theft is. According to this we strongly suggest that you restrain yourself from stealing sensitive information regarding the person you are currently spying on.

In conclusion

All the applications that we tested have their strong and weak point, the weak points come with some sort of benefits while some strong points have weaknesses that will probably turn down some users. In general we think that all applications from the Top 10 Blackberry tracking apps list have a fair trade between functionality and overall usage of its features that are included. So as a team of testers we feel confident that we did a good job pointing out important fact about all the applications we tested, and by doing this effectively narrowed down that list of applications that we feel are best suited for individual users. Not every application is suited for every user, as we mentioned before some applications require some technical knowledge while others require very little, so feel free to experiment what suites you the best. We feel that we helped you make the right choice.