Can Spyware Harm Your Phone?

Can spyware harm your phone
Although monitoring apps and services are popular among parents and employers who want to keep a keen eye on their kids and employees but some people use such apps and services for other purposes too. For example, people use them as anti-theft app to control their mobile devices remotely. Some advance monitoring and spy apps come with advanced features like GPS location tracking, remote lock and remote wipe features that make it easy for the owner to track lost or stolen device as well as remotely lock or erase the data. Some people even use such services to keep a log of their IM activities; check out top 10 Viber spy apps people use to keep a log of their Viber chats.

Can spyware harm your phone?

The simple answer is No; spyware and monitoring apps and services do not put your device in danger but they have some disadvantages too. First of all, they run in background all the time and use system resources like RAM and Processing Power continuously. Some apps that monitor IM activities consume extra battery; see top 10 Snapchat spy apps.

Obviously it is not recommended to buy such apps and services if you have intentions to install them on older devices because they will not work efficiently. Some advanced apps and services allow users to enable and disable different features from the web portal they provide at the time or purchase so users can turn off unwanted features. Spy and monitoring apps do not harm your phone but instead they guarantee your device’s safety because you can use features like GPS location tracking and remote access to control your device even if it gets stolen or lost.

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