Top 9 Hack Facebook Inbox: Tips and Tricks for Spooky Minds


Gone are the days when we used to send messages over mailbox! Technology has made the globe into a small village. And as we grow more social, so does the various social platforms. Of course, the spooky nature also multiplies!

Everyone is spooky in some kind of way, even though most try to hide it. Everyone wants to know what their friends, spouses, or BFF’s are up to. They spend like over an hour nonstop on Facebook. And this got you wondering, “What are they up to?” or who’s keeping them glued to an extent of forgetting that I’m here?” Continue reading

Best educational apps for kids in 2017

Buying a phone and tablet even to a small child today is inevitable. This is the rule of 2017’s reality. But how to make this purchase is not just a coveted entertainment, but a useful subject? Once you buy your child his first tablet or smartphone, you should spend a little time and install more useful educational applications. Continue reading

How to guarantee the safety of your children online: what to look for?


You are concerned about the poorly controlled presence of your children online and want to do everything to protect them from inappropriate content, bullying or worse. Especially for you, we collected the main thoughts and directions, what you need to know at the start.

Statistics and the ways to solve the problem

On the one hand, the Internet has a number of educational projects for children of all ages and access to tons of information about the things they are interested in. Here you can play and chat with friends. And find interesting videos, and listen to music. (Ideally.) Continue reading

Why Google will benefit from buying Snapchat


Google is interested in buying Snapchat and is ready to pay $ 30 billion for getting all the rights to an ultra-popular project. And the offer price is official. This is unrealistically a big waste even from the point of view of such giant as Google, but the possible result of the purchase can compensate everything for them. Google intends to raise its position in the field of digital advertising to an extreme height. Continue reading

Drugs from Internet: available for teenagers freely


Imagine a conditional, but typical situation, often prevalent in our world: you caught your child on the use or possession of drugs. How could this happen? At first glance, and educate the child diligently, and he does not spend time on the street in questionable companies. But, of course, he does not stay at home all day.It turns out that drugs were bought online. And the Internet is too convenient for such tasks. If you think that the case is single, it is not so. Those responsible for the distribution of drugs are considering the verified mechanisms of trading the potion and the ‘industry’ is working in the new field without interruptions, stably and on a large scale. Continue reading

Snap Maps problem: How to protect Snapchat’s children audience


Tech progress (especially in sphere of mobile devices and social communication) resembles an avalanche due to its rapidity. Lots of innovations, which were so unimaginable even a couple years ago, falls on our heads day to day and this is impossible to keep track on everything. We just have to note from time to time how the applications that we used get changes with the next background update. Continue reading

Monitor Viber Messages with Tracking App


There are hundreds of IM and VoIP services and apps out there and Viber is one of the most popular and widely used such app that has millions of users all over the globe. Because it is a carrier-free app and service, you can use it anywhere you want as all you need is active internet connection and compatible device. Viber allows millions of its users to make calls and send messages. It supports audio and video calls both and there are no limitations or restriction. Continue reading

How to Track Whatsapp Messages on Android and IPhone devices


Many people wonder whether it is possible to track WhatsApp messages and other activities on a mobile device; and the answer is yes. With the help of monitoring and spy apps, users can monitor all the activities on a computer, phone and tablet. There are tons of different monitoring apps and software available which come with different features and different supported platform. However most of the monitoring apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. Continue reading