Drugs from Internet: available for teenagers freely


Imagine a conditional, but typical situation, often prevalent in our world: you caught your child on the use or possession of drugs. How could this happen? At first glance, and educate the child diligently, and he does not spend time on the street in questionable companies. But, of course, he does not stay at home all day.It turns out that drugs were bought online. And the Internet is too convenient for such tasks. If you think that the case is single, it is not so. Those responsible for the distribution of drugs are considering the verified mechanisms of trading the potion and the ‘industry’ is working in the new field without interruptions, stably and on a large scale. Continue reading

Snap Maps problem: How to protect Snapchat’s children audience


Tech progress (especially in sphere of mobile devices and social communication) resembles an avalanche due to its rapidity. Lots of innovations, which were so unimaginable even a couple years ago, falls on our heads day to day and this is impossible to keep track on everything. We just have to note from time to time how the applications that we used get changes with the next background update. Continue reading

Monitor Viber Messages with Tracking App


There are hundreds of IM and VoIP services and apps out there and Viber is one of the most popular and widely used such app that has millions of users all over the globe. Because it is a carrier-free app and service, you can use it anywhere you want as all you need is active internet connection and compatible device. Viber allows millions of its users to make calls and send messages. It supports audio and video calls both and there are no limitations or restriction. Continue reading

How to Track Whatsapp Messages on Android and IPhone devices


Many people wonder whether it is possible to track WhatsApp messages and other activities on a mobile device; and the answer is yes. With the help of monitoring and spy apps, users can monitor all the activities on a computer, phone and tablet. There are tons of different monitoring apps and software available which come with different features and different supported platform. However most of the monitoring apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Spy App for your Kid’s PC

How to Choose the Best Spy App for your Kid
The internet truly has opened a whole new world to us all. It’s so much easier to communicate with people anywhere in the world via the internet. Whether it is for work, play, or socializing, the internet has made everything a whole lot easier to do.

What the internet has also done, however, is open up doors to some dangerous places for young children and teens. They can get caught up in all the excitement of trying out new things that they completely forget to be concerned about their safety. Continue reading

How to Track Viber Messages in 3 Easy Steps

How To Track Viber Messages In 3 Easy Steps
Social networks, IM and VoIP services are quite popular nowadays but parents all over the globe have concerns about their kids spending so much time on these websites. On the other hand, employers want to protect their businesses and for this purpose monitoring their employees’ activities is necessary. Monitoring apps and services provide such features; administrators can monitor calls, messages, emails, IM messages, VoIP calls, geographical location of the target device as well as other things. Following are three easy steps to track Viber messages in 3 easy steps. Continue reading

What Is Facebook Bullying – Infographics

facebook bullying_title
Today’s technology has opened up new risks and parents should keep an eye on their kids a well as on their online activities as Facebook bullying is on the rise. Over the last couple of years, social media has become an essential part of our lives. Some social networks are popular among a particular age group like teenagers. McAfee which is a well known security firm has done some research on this matter and according to the results, kids experience cyber bullying on Facebook.

McAfee surveyed hundreds of kids and more than 92% of them say bullying takes place on Facebook. As Twitter is not so popular among teenager, only 23.8% of those kids blamed that. Additionally more than 17% of kids witnessed cyber bullying on MySpace and 15.2% of them faced it on IM. The survey revealed some other surprising facts too. More than 65% of those kids responded to the bully while almost 15% of the kids avoided school after facing cruel behavior from their peers. Continue reading

Important Facts About Cyber Bullying – Infographics

cyber bullying_title

Kids nowadays own smartphones and tablets as well as other gadgets to connect with the world. They freely use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Unfortunately parents have no idea what their kids do online and what kind of friends they have there. More than 94% of the kids under age of 17 years own mobile phone while 89% of kids own their own PC or laptop. On average, kids between 8-11 years age send more than 40 text messages per week while kids between 12-15 years age send more than 190 messages per week.

Unlike 90s now kids have many ways to go online; they can use smartphones, tablets gaming consoles and laptops for this purpose. According to a survey, 51% of kids never experienced cyber bullying but 49% of them did. There are many types of cyber bullying including sexting, abusive comments, rumors, unwanted sexual suggestions, sexual jealousy, homophobic insults, threatening messages and many others. Continue reading

How Facebook Messenger Is Spying on Your Every Move

Facebook Messenger is spying

People who have been using the Facebook app on their Android devices are now forced to download the Facebook Messenger app if they want that feature. The fact is that for today, the Facebook app does not support the chat feature on Android devices as the company has launched Facebook Messenger that exclusively has this function. As a result, the Facebook Messenger app can make calls, send messages, and take pictures without notifying the user, which is a serious concern indeed. Thus, many industry experts and users have pointed out the fact that the Facebook Messenger app is a new generation of spy applications. Continue reading

Facebook Is Tracking Its Users without Them Knowing

Facebook is tracking users

Facebook which is more than a billion users all over the globe tracks its users without their consent. A recent discovery has revealed the fact that Facebook not only tracks users when they log in but it does tracking even when you log out. On the other hand, Facebook has denied these claims but regardless of how much you use Facebook or why you use it, you have to take some steps in order to protect your privacy.

Whether you actively use Facebook or not, any website or web service that has connected your Facebook account with their website or any website that has Facebook Like button can send you personal information and usage data to Facebook without your permission. These websites can also post on your Facebook profile or share information with your Facebook friends without your explicit permission. Unfortunately that’s not the whole story. Continue reading