Hoverwatch Monitoring Software: Overview, Pros, and Cons:
With modern spying apps, one can easily get access to someone’s smartphone. But it is not that easy as it sounds. It is difficult to find a tool that works smoothly and deliver logs regularly. Hoverwatch is one of the spying tools presented on the market. The app features many useful options, which allow users to stay updated on someone’s mobile activity. Working in a stealth mode, app is absolutely invisible. Check Hoverwatch review to find out more pros and cons of this monitoring tool. Continue reading


If there is one job that is particularly difficult, then it has to be raising teenagers! That is why so many parents are now attempting to track their children’s mobile phones. While some people dispute whether or not kids should even have access to mobile phones, but like it or not – we live in a digital age and a teen without a smartphone is very rare to find. As a parent you can use monitoring app and service like mSpy. Not only is this particular iPhone monitoring app very affordable, but it is also one of the most effective apps of its kind on the market. Continue reading


It can be tough to pick out the right mobile spy application from the countless versions on offer, but if you send some time looking at not only the included features, but also the reviews that consumers have left regarding the product then you will be able to find one of the handful of good monitoring apps that actually deliver. One of the most highly rated apps is Spyera which allows you to monitor SMS, calls, emails, contacts, GPS location and more. Spyera covers all of the basic features that you would expect from a decent mobile spy app as well as many additional, more advanced features such as the option to listen in on the phone’s surroundings and to monitor BBM conversations. Continue reading

Mobile Spy

If you are a parent looking for a way to keep tabs on your kids, or you are an employer who needs to make sure that your staff is doing what they are supposed to be, then you need monitoring software. There are many different software applications on the market all of them offering different benefits. One such application is MobileSpy. Let’s take a look at how it measures up. Continue reading

Highster Mobile

This mobile spy software was developed by ILF Mobile Apps Corp. located in New York, United States. What they offer differs from all their competitors – Highster Mobile is a one-time payment while others are subscription-based. That’s probably the only reason why this mobile spyware is still rather popular. On the other hand, the range of supported devices isn’t big, their customer support is far from being customer-friendly, and their refund policy cannot be taken seriously. Continue reading


Mobistealth is a high-end monitoring solution that can help you safeguard your family or business interests. After subscribing to this mobile spy application, you will get access to a secure web panel from where you will be able to check recorded data. Whether the mobile device in question runs Android, iOS, BB, or Symbian, this cell phone tracking software has got you covered. Also, you shouldn’t worry that the user will find out about the surveillance in place unless you tell them about it. Continue reading


Many people are looking for reliable and affordable ways to monitor cell phones and FlexiSpy Extreme is one of many packages on the market. It offers a good selection of features which make it one of the more popular options. Let’s take a closer look at the app in this review of FlexiSpy. With approximately 150 different features, FlexiSpy Extreme has to be one of the most comprehensive mobile phone monitoring tools available. Continue reading


People all over the globe use monitoring apps and services to keep an eye on their kids and employees to protect them from online threats. Kids use social media websites as well as IM services to make new friends and this freedom comes with some dangers too. As a parent, it is solely your responsibility to protect your kids by monitoring their activities and whereabouts. In those situations, monitoring apps and services like PhoneSheriff come in handy. Let’s talk about PhoneSheriff, its features, pros and cons. Continue reading


In recent times, SpyBubble was one of the most highly regarded mobile tracking software apps on the market, but lately it has not been getting favorable reviews. Some major changes to the app have had a negative impact on the quality and the features and more and more people are turned off by the SpyBubble product as a whole. Let’s take a closer look at this cell phone monitoring app. Continue reading


Recent advancement in technology, communication technology to be more specific, has brought some negative impacts on our lifestyle as parents and employers have been paying price for that for quite some time. Now, almost every kid owns a smartphone or a mobile device that makes it near impossible for parents to monitor their kids’ activities and whereabouts as well as who their friends are. Monitoring apps and services like iSpyoo have solved this problem effectively and efficiently. Let’s talk about this amazing app, its features, pros and cons. Continue reading