Top 10 Facebook Spy Apps

Since the beginning of the third millennium we have witnessed a sudden expansion of the internet. With this expansion came the possibility to create strictly online based social media, and as a result Facebook, Myspace and other online gathering places grew to mega corporations which we know today. Massive amounts of information are being transferred through these mediums daily and it was natural for people to develop an interest in the information that circulated constantly. The development of Facebook tracking apps was soon on their way and we have gathered all of them for a conclusive test to find out which one is the best.

MSpy is the most effective spyware to track Facebook communications, according to our research.

Below you can find our Top 10 Facebook spy apps list.

We tested the apps at hand on all sorts of criteria, from their operating system support to the overall flexibility and functionality. The first thing that we encountered while testing these apps is the fact that not all apps are supported on windows phones. This can be a problem for some users because the mobile devices that run on Windows are widely spread these days. A couple of apps that are worth mentioning that support by all the modern operating systems like iOS and Android are MSpy and Highster. While these applications support most of the modern devices, applications like Flexispy and Spyera don’t support Symbian and Windows mobile devices. Another thing that we noticed is the fact that MSpy works better with both iPhones and Android, while Highster has a much better time adopting the Android environment. It’s needless to say that each and every application has an operating systems where it excels at the tasks at hand.

How Does Facebook Tracking Work?

All the applications that we tested seemed to work on a same principle. The device you wish to track Facebook on needs to have the application installed on it. After this is done the device at hand needs to have an active internet connection so it can relay data to you mobile device. While testing this we have encountered something interesting. All the applications from the Top 10 Facebook spy apps list had trouble connecting cross system platforms. What this means is that for example when Highster was running on iOS, it had some trouble connecting to a mobile device that was running on android. The same thing can be said for Flexispy, while it had no trouble connecting to an Android device, the application encountered problems when trying to connect to devices that were running iOS. One thing that all the applications that we tested had in common was the user friendly interface that was easy to comprehend. It was obvious that the development teams gave a lot of effort in designing the visual aspects of the applications that we were testing. The next thing that we will be discussing is how the connection works once it has been established. On one hand we have the application Spyera provided constant information feedback over an active internet connection, while Highster provided the information that was available only when the user requested it. Another fact that is worth mentioning is the fact that Highster sends a lot of data and works best on an active wireless connection with average broadband, while MSpy works equally good on 3G or Wireless.



Can I Actually Track Facebook?

To track someone’s Facebook profile using the Top 10 Facebook spy apps a couple of requirements need to be met. The first thing you need is determination to do so, of course an internet connection is needed as well! After you acquired these conditions the next logical step is to install the required application. Each application has their own user guide and needed acquirements. To track, you simply need to select the Facebook user which you want to track and enter the specific data that the application uses to track the person in question. Sometimes you need to do more research on the user profile to provide the needed data which the application will use for later tracking.

Are Facebook Spy Apps legal?

The laws on this matter are different for each country. But one fact always stays the same. It is illegal to track somebody’s Facebook account without them knowing it. It is a direct violation of someone’s privacy. Because of this we recommend that you inform the person which is using the mobile device that will have one of the applications from the Top 10 Facebook spy apps list installed on to it. If you manage to convince the person in question that the application will be there for their safety, than you will have no problems on the legal side. But it is extremely unethical to spy on someone’s Facebook account without them knowing it. Exceptions to this rule of course exist in the form of underage children that still don’t know the full potential and the capabilities of the internet. Another exception are the mobile devices of major companies that have been given to their employees. Using spy software in these cases is recommended in order to assure that some company secrets never leave the company itself.

In Conclusion

Every application that we have tested performed well in its own category. Highster performed well in the overall run but it had trouble connecting while Flexispy had no trouble connecting but it used a lot of data to transfer the needed information. After this has been said we are certain that each customer has an application they are willing to try out. All the applications that have a place on the Top 10 Facebook spy apps list are good at what they do and we strongly recommend that you try one of them. Choosing what application to use depends on the users themselves, we performed the tests and review to give you general guidelines on how the specific applications function and what operating systems they support. We hope you found all the above information helpful.