How to Read Whatsapp Messages from Another Phone

How to read Whatsapp messages from another phone

Social media apps and services like Facebook, Snapchat and IM service like Skype and WhatsApp has billions of users and some of these apps are more popular among teens; for example majority of Snapchat users are young adults because of the features and functionality this app provides. Social media platforms have made is almost impossible for parents to see what kind of ‘friends’ their kids have and what they do on their smartphone all day. Monitoring and spy apps and services have made is easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids all the time without invading their privacy.

How to monitor IM and social media activities?

Monitoring apps and services allow parents to monitor all the activities performed on the target device and that includes IM services like WhatsApp and social media apps like Facebook. It means parents can even read WhatsApp messages from another device using the online portal and secure login provided by the company you can check out top 10 WhatsApp spy apps that come with this feature.

Most of the monitoring apps and services are available for major desktop and mobile platforms including Windows and Mac OS as well as iOS, Android and Symbian devices. In order to start monitoring a device, you must install the monitoring app on that phone or tablet that needs physical access to the target device because you cannot install those apps as well as other apps remotely.

What other features these monitoring apps offer?

Monitoring IM and social media activities is only one of the many features these apps and services offer. They also allow administrator to do call monitoring, message monitoring, email monitoring as well as GPS location tracking. GPS locater is also a useful feature to locate and retrieve a lost or stolen device.

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