How to Track an Android Phone Remotely

how to track an android phone remotely
Monitoring apps and services have been getting more and more popularity nowadays because parents and employers all over the globe now have realized the importance and necessity of those services. Parents want to keep a keen eye on their kids without invading their privacy and this is possible only with monitoring apps and services; here are top 10 Android spy apps.

How to track an Android device?

In order to track an Android device, you must find a compatible app as different monitoring apps support different platforms. Fortunately most of the monitoring and spy apps are compatible with Android devices including phones and tablets. Install the monitoring app on the target device; you cannot install app remotely so you have to do the installation process manually and you need physical access to the target device for this purpose. It only takes few minutes to install the app and initialize it. After that you can control that device remotely with the help of web portal company provides at the time of purchase.

You can enable and disable device features remotely and in order to track the device you must enable the GPS on the target Android device. Monitoring apps and services not only show the real time geographical location of the device but also record the routes and previous history so you can see where your kid went last night.

What else monitoring apps could do?

Monitoring apps come with numerous other features like call monitoring, text message monitoring, IM monitoring, web usage and network monitoring and email monitoring. Depending on the platform and device you are using, these features may vary a little but most of the monitoring apps are cross platform and you can use them on different devices at the same time using a single account.

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