How to Track Viber Messages in 3 Easy Steps

How To Track Viber Messages In 3 Easy Steps
Social networks, IM and VoIP services are quite popular nowadays but parents all over the globe have concerns about their kids spending so much time on these websites. On the other hand, employers want to protect their businesses and for this purpose monitoring their employees’ activities is necessary. Monitoring apps and services provide such features; administrators can monitor calls, messages, emails, IM messages, VoIP calls, geographical location of the target device as well as other things. Following are three easy steps to track Viber messages in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Install monitoring app on the device

In order to start monitoring all the activities on the target device including Viber messages, you have to install the monitoring app on the target device manually. Because of the operating system limitations on Android and iOS devices, it is not possible to install the app remotely. The whole installation process takes only few minutes and for that you have to have physical access to the device. Depending on the monitoring app you choose, follow installation steps provided by the vendor.

Step 2: Configuration

After installing monitoring app on the target device, you have to configure it. Amazingly you don’t have to do that while having the device on you but you can control and configure the device from the web portal company provides at the time of purchase. That web portal allows users to change the configuration and settings of the app remotely and users can select which features they want to activate and what information they need from the target device. In this case, all you have to select is Viber Monitoring.

Turning other features on or off doesn’t make a difference on the primary functionality you want so feel free to enable other useful features like GPS tracking if you want.

Step 3: Using the web portal

The company provides URL and credentials so you can secure login to the web portal in order to access all the information. The monitoring app and software gathers the required information on the target device and sends it to the company’s server where you can access that anytime and from anywhere you want. From the same web portal you can see other features like GPS maps and locations. In other words, the web portal provides the fully functional command centre to control the target device.

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