Important Facts About Cyber Bullying – Infographics

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Kids nowadays own smartphones and tablets as well as other gadgets to connect with the world. They freely use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Unfortunately parents have no idea what their kids do online and what kind of friends they have there. More than 94% of the kids under age of 17 years own mobile phone while 89% of kids own their own PC or laptop. On average, kids between 8-11 years age send more than 40 text messages per week while kids between 12-15 years age send more than 190 messages per week.

Unlike 90s now kids have many ways to go online; they can use smartphones, tablets gaming consoles and laptops for this purpose. According to a survey, 51% of kids never experienced cyber bullying but 49% of them did. There are many types of cyber bullying including sexting, abusive comments, rumors, unwanted sexual suggestions, sexual jealousy, homophobic insults, threatening messages and many others.

Only 62% of the victims decided to tell someone about that bullying and 52% of them got help or advice. It means 38% of the kids didn’t decide to tell anyone that is an alarming situation. It is sole responsibility of parents to tell their kids e-safety facts and give advice to avoid such situations.

cyber bullying

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