Monitor Viber Messages with Tracking App


There are hundreds of IM and VoIP services and apps out there and Viber is one of the most popular and widely used such app that has millions of users all over the globe. Because it is a carrier-free app and service, you can use it anywhere you want as all you need is active internet connection and compatible device. Viber allows millions of its users to make calls and send messages. It supports audio and video calls both and there are no limitations or restriction.

Why Viber is so popular globally?

There are many reasons behind its popularity; Viber is a well known app among teenagers because it gives them a reason to spend their time online. Kids can make calls to their friends for free and chat with them for hours without spending a penny. Other than sending messages and making calls, users can also send files like pictures, audio files, video files and even documents using Viber.

Because Viber is hugely popular among young adults, it is a big reason for monitoring apps and services to allow users to monitor Viber activities because parents want to keep a keen eye on their kids all the time

Why people use apps to monitor Viber activities?

Usually there are two reasons to monitor Viber calls, messages and other activities. Parents all over the globe want to know their kids activities but they cannot possibly their online activities because they cannot monitor their mobile usage and laptop usage with traditional methods. That’s where these monitoring apps and services come in handy.

With the help of these monitoring apps and service, parents can know what their kids are doing online and what kind of friends they have on social media website like Twitter, Viber etc. Of course employers want to protect their businesses and companies from being a victim of data breach, or information leak. If companies have any business social account then it want to protect from any hacking Facebook inbox, emails and data. That’s why they use monitoring apps and services to monitor their employees all the time.

How to monitor Viber messages and calls?

In order to monitor Viber calls and messages on the target device, first you have to install the app on that device. You need physical access to the device for installation and initialization because of platform limitations. After the installation and initialization, you don’t need physical access to the device because you would be able to control it remotely by using the online portal and Dashboard Company provides at the time of product purchase.

After installing the Viber monitoring app on the target device, go to the online link company has provided and use your credentials to login. From that online portal you can enable and disable features you want to don’t want, and from the same dashboard you can access every piece of information stored on the target device.

Depending on the target device platform, model and the monitoring app you are using, the Viber monitoring feature could be disabled by default. You can check that from the same dashboard, if it is disabled then enable it and configure it according to your requirements. Other than this amazing Viber monitoring feature, you can also use GPS tracking feature that shows the exact geographical location of the target device at any given moment. This particular feature is useful for parents who want to know their kids whereabouts every time.

The best thing about these monitoring apps and services is that these are undetectable that means the target person cannot possibly know the presence of such app in his mobile device. Other than working on stealth mode, monitoring and spy apps are built efficiently that mean they use system resources without making the device slower. They use system resources like RAM, storage and processing power efficiently and leave no mark behind.

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