Most Popular Cell Phone Tracking Features for Parents

cell phone tracking for parents
Cell phone tracking has slowly gained a lot of popularity among parents lately. It is not easy to deny young children their wishes and requests for a new phone in a world dominated by smart gadgets, so parents have to rely on cell phone tracking apps to make sure their children are out of harm’s way.

Most modern cell phone trackers provide parents with a huge catalogue of features. These range from simple monitoring features to those like remotely blocking apps and webpages. But what features should you be most concerned with? Here is a list of all the popular features that parents normally use to track their children’s smartphone usage:

The Basic Features:

The most basic and common features that parents use in cell phone tracking apps are monitoring SMS messages, emails, contact lists, and call logs. All of these provide parents with a basic knowledge of what their children are doing on their phones and who they are contacting. This helps parents in deciding whether or not they need to keep more in-depth tabs on their phones.

Monitoring Media Files:

Many parents are worried of the kind of media their children have on their phones, which is why they monitor their phone’s gallery as well. Children may get in trouble for sharing inappropriate media with their friends, and with sexting becoming a major issue, it is natural for parents to be concerned about these things.

Seeing App Usage:

Another point of worry for parents is which apps their children use. Many IM applications like Snapchat today have become famous for children, which they use to send and receive messages and media files. These are the apps that can lead to sexting, and parents like to keep an eye on their usage. They can go one step ahead by blocking certain apps from being used on the target phone.

Browser History:

Monitoring what sites the child is visiting on a daily basis is also a reason why parents opt for cell phone tracking apps. Children may gain access to inappropriate websites or those that can be dangerous. Many apps allow parents to block the child’s access to such webpages as well.

The Child’s Location:

Teenage is a time that is hard on the parents because teenagers usually resort to revolting against their parents if they try to ‘control’ their lives. This is the time when children can fall into the wrong company and get into dangerous activities. Almost all cell phone tracking apps lets parents track the phone via its GPS capabilities. Some apps go a step further by turning the target phone into a listening device so parents can find out exactly where their child is and what kind of people he or she is with.

If you are looking for a spy app to track your child’s activity, here is a list of some of the best for multiple platforms:

  • Highster Mobile
  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy
  • MamaBear

There are a lot of reasons why parents could feel the need to use cell phone tracking applications to monitor their children’s phones. Children will remain children, no matter how familiar they are with modern technology. There are dangers lurking behind the fun and useful features of smartphones, and parents need to be the ones who make sure that their child is not headed towards any threat.

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