Most Popular Desktop Monitoring Services

most popular desktop monitoring services
Now it is essential for parents to keep an eye on all the online activities of their kids because internet is full of threats and kids don’t really know and care about this fact. On the other hand, employers must monitor their employees to make sure their business secrets are safe. Usually kids do their online activities on their cell phones and here are top 10 cell phone spy apps that you can use to monitor your kids activities. Additionally there are monitoring and spy software available for desktop computers too that you can use in offices on home to monitor all the activities on those computers.

What activities monitoring software do monitor?

Depending on the target device, the features and functionality of monitoring and spy app may vary but most of the monitoring apps come with calls monitoring, message monitoring, email and IM monitoring, internet usage monitoring, GPS locator and administrative access to the target device. With the help of administrative access, administrator can wipe the device or remotely lock it in case of it gets stolen or lost.

Some of the popular desktop monitoring services and software come with features mentioned above and users can install them on their desktop computers as well as mobile devices including iOS and Android.

How to use monitoring apps?

In order to use monitoring apps and services, you must install the app on target device and the process needs physical access to that device as you cannot install any app remotely because of the platform limitation. The installation and initialization process takes only few minutes. After installing, you can control the target device or computer from the web portal company provides at the time of purchase and from there you can change configurations too.

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