Snap Maps problem: How to protect Snapchat’s children audience


Tech progress (especially in sphere of mobile devices and social communication) resembles an avalanche due to its rapidity. Lots of innovations, which were so unimaginable even a couple years ago, falls on our heads day to day and this is impossible to keep track on everything. We just have to note from time to time how the applications that we used get changes with the next background update.
And most importantly, they instantly outgrow the global trends. If you do not pay attention, you can easily overlook the trend. Then you will be perplexed about a thing about which others speak freely and seem to have use for a long time.
Recently Snapchat released an upgrade with a new global function that continues the general vector of the ideology of this social network, aimed to the mass user. It called Snap Maps.

What it Snap Maps & its bright side

Snap Maps is the newest stuff to view Snaps on map. This allows you to freely share photos and videos with specifying your current location in real mode. Ideally, the innovation is designed to create a new field of social activity, where the user can freely find their friends on the map and know what they are currently doing. The function is activated very easily through the camera.
But your activities can see everyone. And there are always a number of random people in our friend lists in social networks too.
Do they all simply ignore your snaps? It is useful from the marketing point of view, for example, but how can these people use it against you?

Snapchat for kids: protection needed

The adult person can control the circle of communication and exclude the transfer of information that puts in danger. But this is not about children, whose social role is only being formed.
Someone can get into the child’s trust. Other children can organize collective harassment. The case can reach very sad consequences. Against the background of updates (including Snapchat as a great example) for which you are unlikely to follow, your child’s world can fill new areas of social activity. And you do not pay attention to them in time without direct access.
The child can log in Snapchat everywhere outside the school, and the bullies or random friends will see his location. There are a lot of good and sad at the same time examples. For the first, bullied in Snapchat teenager kill himself (look at this post):
Or nine year old kid began to receive typical messages with strange suggestions from a random “friend”:
In this situation it is important to use the traditional parenting tool. You need to conduct explanatory work with the child about the causes and consequences of such situations how illegibility in communication leads to trouble and how dangerous is Snapchat for kids.
So it is useless to ban social network for a child, as you can understand. But words are not enough; you will be trite to worry. Is there a proven method to keep your child’s communication field at arm’s length at any time? Is Snapchat safe for kids?
The answer is “Yes”, with a capital letter. You will need to find Snapchat spy app and activate the Ghost mode.

Protection tools for parents in Snapchat

Let’s formulate what we need:
* Protect the child from encroachments by accidental people;
* Take control of his communication and social activity with familiar children.
The first task can be solved simply. You need to switch on Ghost Mode on kid’s phone. It provides an opportunity not to show people your current location. It is available in settings freely. Notice that Snap Maps activates as default, so you need to activate Ghost Mode manually in any case.
Thus, the usage of Snapchat for kids becomes safer. The second thing you need is Snapchat spy app. Lots of them are available in Internet, and it allows you to monitor the transferred data from your child’s phone without his knowledge and check other peoples snapchat pictures  (remember, that at least 30% of users of Snapchat use it, because there’s no parents).

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