Top 10 Text Messages Spy Apps

The optimal choice for tracking text messages on the remote phone is MSpy.

Other apps from top 10 list are also worth your attention, since they they support IOS, Android and Windows phones. Needless to say that this was big plus for these applications because text messages are commonly used on every mobile OS.

We live in a society where information has meaning and power. The ability to access information at will is the key to any form of success, and with the development of the internet the entire world has access to this infinite amount of information. Cell phones are partially to blame for this, todays smart phones come with abilities that were categorized as impossible twenty years ago. This sudden advance in technology came with a risk. Daily hundreds of people end up in serious trouble because the modern mobile phones lack the security features that older models had. As a direct result for this various mobile applications have been developed in order to balance this out. We tested all the applications that we found suited for the job and on the behalf of our team we will give a detailed review of each and every one of these apps so you can make the best choice.

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When it comes to the top 10 text messages spy apps we need to take everything in to consideration. The other applications that we have tested lacked the support for some operating systems but were deemed better in the long run just because it utilized a feature that other apps didn’t. In this group we would like to include Mobistealth, Spyera and Eblaster Mobile. These apps don’t support Windows phones, but they have some options that the other contestants for the top 10 text messages spy apps don’t have. But the lack of the support for a certain operating systems can cause problems when it comes to the safety of children, this is due to the overall design of the Windows phone software which is needless to say child friendly.

How Do Text Messages Spy Apps Work?

All of the apps in question need to be installed on the device you wish to track, so the consent of the person you want to keep an eye on is in order. Whether it’s one of your employees or just jour children. When it comes to the apps themselves the use protocols that are integrated in the system of the mobile device at hand. For example MSpy uses an active 3G connection while Highster Mobile only uses Wireless internet. This has its benefits and its drawbacks. The applications that use 3G connection can influence the phone in many ways, such as taking up too much processing power and RAM memory, this can be an issue on older devices which don’t have good specifications. On the other hand apps that only use wireless internet don’t have a constant connection to the servers and to your device, it is because of this that some information can seem outdated. These communication abilities of the applications at hand had a lot of influence when we were making the decision on which was the best text message tracking app. Another thing that we tested is the strength of the connection that the application provided. Applications that used 3G connection provided better communication strength, but this wasn’t the case with MSpy as it had some issues while it tried to connect to device we were tracking. On the other hand we have the apps that used wireless internet. All of these applications had some trouble connecting, but considering that WI-FI isn’t always available this was something that we overlooked because each and every one of these applications got the job done.


How Can I Use Text Messages Spy Apps to Spy on Someone?

When answering this question you need to consider the fact that the application at hand needs to be installed on the device that you wish to spy on, with this said, we can say that you can spy on someone, and it really isn’t that uncommon. As far as the overall functionality of the apps, some apps performed better than others. What we are trying to say is that for example MSpy has more options than Highster while Highster performs better that Flexispy in the long run. Some application gathered and provided the information requested more efficiently than others, but the information we got was sometimes corrupted, and other apps had trouble connecting and were slower in the overall run, as a result the information they gathered and sent was accurate, non-corrupted. So with this in mind it was safe to assume that in the long run it was a tradeoff between speed and accuracy. It is because of this that the top 10 text messages spy apps had a new contender in the race that was previously dismissed. The application that we are referring to is Spyera that was previously mentioned in this article.

What Are Legal Issues about Using Text Messages Spy Apps?

The laws about this depend on the place you live. But one thing always remains the same. If you are installing one of the apps form our list of the top 10 text messages spy apps on one of your own devices there should be a problem. But if you are installing the apps on a mobile phones that belongs to someone else, for example one of your employees, they need to be notified.

In Conclusion

For out top 10 text messages spy apps we tested everything, from operating system support to overall functionality and the design of the application at hand. Each and every app excels at something and the choice was difficult to make. But the bottom line for all of these products are the consumers. Each app is tailored for specific purposes and the functionality and design have a direct impact on it. We hope this article helped in making the decision on which app you should use.