Top 10 Viber Spy Apps

Free communication that is free is valued more than anything else. Since the beginning of mobile device communication each communication service was paid, whether its text message sending or voice calls. Our respective operators charged us for the services they provided. But in the more recent years mobile devices developed applications that allowed us to communicate freely with no charge, the only thing we needed was a mobile device and an internet connection. The applications that I’m talking about are well known. The application that is most recognizable is Viber. Thousands of terabytes of information is being circulated daily through this service, and in direct relation to this programmers all around the world have developed applications that are able to track Viber communications and spy on the. We have searched the internet to find and review these applications in order to find out which one is the best.

According to our tests, MSpy is the most appropriate, stable and effective Viber spy app.


The applications we found that work well were MSpy, Flexispy, Highster, Spyera, Mobistealth and many others. There are too many of them for us to mention all. So we decided to bring you the Top 10 Viber spy apps list as the competitors for the number one spot. All the applications that we reviewed had their strengths and their weaknesses. For example Mobistealth was complicated to use while Highster had a clear and easy to use interface, but Mobistealth performed better in the long run while for example MSpy had more options for tracking Viber than the two above mentioned applications. It was obvious that we had to test and review these apps to the fullest in order to get accurate results on how well they function and get the job done.

How Does Viber Spy App Operate?

We had a lot of trouble testing all the mentioned applications because of we didn’t actually know how they work. After further testing was done we realized that some applications can only use wireless internet connection, while others can only use 3g or 4g networks. And there are a few of them that outperformed the rest. These honorable mentions are MSpy and Flexispy. These two applications got the information we needed extremely fast. But there were a few setbacks. Flexispy had trouble connecting to the device that we were trying to spy on, but eventually it connected and transferred the data. On the other hand we tested Highster which had absolutely no problems connecting to the device that we were trying to spy on, but the information we got was corrupted at times and our mobile device wasn’t able to recognize it. Another thing that is worth mentioning the ability to save the data we got from the device. Some applications had an integrated option to save the documentation for later use, these applications include Highster and Mobistealth, while other applications that we tested didn’t have the option to save the files, so we had to improvise and we found out that it was possible to save the communication logs via the copy paste function all the modern mobile device possess. The next thing that we will discuss is the operating system support. As we all know modern mobile devices run on IOS, Android and Windows. Not all the applications from the Top 10 Viber spy apps list supported this group. Every application had its specific system that it was designed for. But Spyera supported all the operating systems and that fact was probably the reason why the application had trouble connecting to other devices that we were trying to spy on.

Can I Really Use Spy Aps to Track Viber?

We were at first suspicious of this fact, but as we soon realized it was indeed possible, and the idea how this works is pretty simple as well. If you wish to track somebody’s Viber account you first need to have access to the device. After you have done so, you need to install the corresponding spy software on that device. From this point on the application will send you the message logs or whatever information you desire from the device. Some of the application in the Top 10 Viber spy apps race actually have the ability to spy on E-mail accounts as well. So the application accumulates and gathers information and then sends it to your device via an active internet connection. We thought that an active internet connection would be a problem but we soon came to realize that people who actually use Viber have a 3g or 4g connection active at all time. So it’s needless to say that the transfer of information isn’t a problem.

Is It Legal to Spy on Viber?

As far as law is concerned, it’s legal, if the target phone belongs to you. In case you want to install spying app on someone’s else phone, you’ll need to get a permission first. Besides, spying on someone without him knowing is strongly unethical, and it is our sincere suggestion that you inform the person of the spy software that is being installed on her mobile device. On this topic we would like to add that actually tracking somebody Viber or a mobile device in general can actually increase the safety of that person. This comes in quite handy if you have little children that go to school, knowing their whereabouts can come in handy when you are a concerned parent. And it is this group of people that we recommend to try out one of the applications from the Top 10 Viber spy apps.

In Conclusion

The applications we tested all had clear motives behind them, some of them offered better protection for your kids while some were aimed to be undetectable the user, and others had the flexibility of the user interface in mind while the application itself was being developed. Whether you are a concerned parent or just curious there is an application for you. We have summarized the results for you to review and decide which one is the perfect application for you.