Top 10 Whatsapp Spy Apps

Whatsapp is a popular mobile information that caught us by surprise, it was a way for people to communicate with each other for free and it was available for all the devices no matter what operating system it was running on. It was only a matter of time for Whatsapp to catch up with the entire world. Since its release people didn’t use this application to communicate with each other, they also started to exchange business information. It is because of this that people developed the need to know what information is being exchanged via this application.

The most popular and common Whatsapp spy app is MSpy.


On the behalf of our testing team we are presenting you the Top 10 Whatsapp spy apps.

The applications that we tested give you the ability to spy on someone Whatsapp messenger application, but the similarities of the applications stop there. Every application is unique by design and functionality. Needless to say that it’s because of this that we started testing them to see which one was the best. First of all not all of the applications that we tested performed well. Some applications like Highster had mediocre performance and the fact that it wasn’t supported for windows phones only contributed to the impression. On the other hand we had applications that were a lot like Flexispy. This application performed well and it is supported for all the device that we are used to today. But Flexispy had some trouble connecting to devices that were cross platform. This means that we had some trouble spying on Whatsapp when we were trying to do it on an android mobile device when we were using an iPhone, but an iPhone to iPhone connection worked just fine. The fact that this happened left space for more testing to be done on how exactly do these applications work since it was obvious that that the communication protocols differed greatly.

How Do the Whatsapp Spy Apps Work?

We tested countless apps only to bring you the best ones. The thing that we found out is that all the applications from the Top 10 Whatsapp spy apps list use an active internet connection. When the device on which you are trying to spy on doesn’t have one, applications like MSpy store the gathered information so they could be sent at a later time, while applications like Mobistealth don’t function at all. Don’t get the wrong impression, Mobistealth outperformed Flexispy when it came to the transfer of data at hand at the expense of the ability to communicate constantly. Another thing that we should add is the fact that if you wish for any of these applications to work you need to install them on the device you wish to spy on. Regarding this the installation procedure is the next concern. Some people lack the technical knowledge of their devices to install some of the applications we have tested. Applications like MSpy were fairly easy to install on every device we tested, on the other hand the application Flexispy had a very complicated installation procedure. We immediately realized that this will turn away some customers and we feel that it was issue worth addressing. During this phase of testing we realized that the more complicated the installation of the app at hand was, the better the results were. So in regard to this it’s needless to say that MSpy performed well when it overcame the previously mentioned connection problems.

Can I Really Use Whatsapp Spy Apps to Spy on Someone?

Considering the fact that you need to install the application on the device that you wish to spy on, and the fact that all modern devices support the applications from the Top 10 Whatsapp spy apps category, it is safe to assume that this is indeed possible. And it’s fairly simple on how this works. The application that you install on your children mobile devices, or your employees, accumulate and send data to your device, for you to look at and review. As we said before this is done by using the internet connection that the device at hand possesses. In regard to this a constant wireless connection is advisable.

Are Whatsapp Spy Apps Legal?

The laws about any application that is used to spy on another device aren’t always the same. They differ from country to country because the idea and the fact that you can actually spy on another person’s private mobile device is newly developed. Installing unwanted software to some devices can cause you legal problems in some states while this will be overlooked in others. If you wish to avoid any legal issues we strongly advise that you contact your employee or any other person that you wish to spy on and inform them that their Whatsapp messenger is being tracked. The reasons for the existence of this software are numerous and each and every one of them is perfectly justified. So if you are a concerned parent or CEO of a company, the reasons are justifiable. The is no such thing as too much safety.

In conclusion

Top 10 Whatsapp spy apps was a list that we created based on our reviews. We tested functionality, overall design and the user interface, as well as the features that the app that was tested had. We came to the conclusion that all the apps on the list performed well and got the job done. It’s needless to say that some applications performed better that others, the apps that we would like to point out were MSpy and Highster. Other applications on the list had some performance issues but we still would like to give them honorable mentions. These applications were Flexispy and Mobistealth. All of the applications that we tested provide service for the customer and they weren’t free. That is the primary reason we performed all of the tests, to save you a lot of time and money. And it is our hope that we did so.