Top 10 Windows pc tracking apps

The idea of spyware existing on PC-s is nothing new. But people need spy programs that can be at their disposal and it’s needless to say that those programs exist. Spyware is not reliable, it’s always at your disposal and it’s generally designed to steal sensitive information. But the applications that are on our top 10 Windows pc tracking apps list are different. They are at your disposal and can be controlled remotely. We have done the research in order to find out which of the applications we tested is the best one.

We concluded that MSPY is the best program for Windows PC tracking and in this article we will compare the program to its competition and give you they reasons we think that MSPY is the best choice of programs when it comes to PC tracking.

Os support
SPY on Calls
SPY on sms & mms
Spy on emails
Track gps location
Monitor internet use
Access address book
Access calendar
Instant messages
Control apps
VIew photos & Videos
Remote control
first place
Android, iPhone, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows
Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Windows

Did you know?


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Right off the bat we noticed that the user interface of MSPY was more user friendly and the amount of options that the program possessed were larger than any other program on the list. For example the program HIGHSTER doesn’t have E-mail tracking capabilities while MSPY does. And on the other hand while FLEXYPSY does offer the ability to track E-mails we had a lot of trouble finding the option just because the user interface of the program wasn’t as good as MPSY’s. When it comes to connectivity all programs got the job done. Only one program outperformed MSPY, and only slightly so the honorable mention goes to MOBYSTEALTH.

How does it work?

As far the abilities of the applications go, there are a lot. MSPY has the ability to track Skype, Facebook, E-mail’s and almost any other modern method of communication. The other applications we have tested all have similar capabilities. But as far as the best applications in this category are concerned, we give honorable mentions to HIGHSTER and MSPY. During our testing these were the only applications that were able to track the IP address and the location of the PC. Another thing that we feel that we should mention is how the applications connect to your PC where you are tracking the computers at hand. All the applications from our top 10 Windows pc tracking apps list need an active internet connection in order to communicate with your computer. But some programs work better than others when it comes to this. For example programs like MSPY and HIGHSTER accumulate the data even when the computer doesn’t have an active internet connection, so the accumulated data could be sent at a later time an active internet connection is available or when you request the information. But applications like MOBYSTEALTH and FLEXYSPY are inactive while the device you are spying on doesn’t have an active internet connection. So it’s needless to say that MSPY and HIGHSTER outperform their competition when it comes to overall communication. As far as establishing a connection goes some applications like FLEXYSPY had a lot of problems creating a connection tunnel in order to send information. But these drawbacks were only minor in the long run. All the application that we have tested performed well connection wise and even though some applications took a lot more time to connect than the other applications they eventually did get the job done. We also needed to take in to account that not all people have the required technical knowledge to operate these programs, so we would like to include this as well in our review. MSPY was easy to install, it had a friendly user interface, and it was designed for people of all calibers and amounts of technical knowledge. But even though HIGHTER had a couple of options more than MSPY the installation process and the interface of the application was extremely complicated, even for us.

Can I really use the top 10 Windows pc tracking apps to spy on somebody’s PC?

At first, we were suspicious of the idea. But we soon came to realize that all applications on our top 10 Windows pc tracking apps list worked in a similar way. The applications use the already existing hardware, for example an Ethernet connection, to relay data to the computer that is requesting the information. The principle how the applications work is simple and yet genius.

Is it legal?

There are a couple of things that need to be considered here. One are the motives and other is the legal aspect of it all, and you should also consider the ethics. For starters, there are a lot of reasons why somebody would like to spy on somebody’s pc using the applications from the top 10 Windows pc tracking apps list. If you are a concerned parent, your motives are justified and you don’t need to worry about having trouble with the law. Stealing sensitive information like credit card numbers is strictly illegal and the applications we tested weren’t designed for this. Now as far as ethics have to do with all of this, we don’t need to remind you that spying on someone and invading their privacy is strongly unethical, and we advise that you inform the person that you already have or will install one of the previously stated applications. If you are a father or a business man there are no reasons why your daughter or employees wouldn’t want to be safe or keep company secrets a secret.

In conclusion

All the applications from the top 10 Windows pc tracking apps list have been tested from top to bottom in order to save you money and time. After the testing was done we came to the conclusion that all the applications had a specific client in mind when they were being designed. We performed the tests to provide you with technical information on all the applications, what they can do, how they do it, and how well they do it. The final choice is always yours and we hope you chose what is the best application for you.