How to spy on Whatsapp messages without target phone?

Many people wonder whether it is possible to spy WhatsApp messages and other activities on a mobile device; and the answer is yes. With the help of monitoring and spy apps, users can monitor all the activities on a computer, phone and tablet. There are tons of different monitoring apps and software available which come with different features and different supported platform. However, most of the monitoring apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

Other than spy WhatsApp messages and calls, some common features are email monitoring and GPS tracking. All you need to do is get a copy of that software or app, install it on the target device and monitor activities remotely. We’ll discuss this in detail.

Why to spy WhatsApp messages and other activities?

As such monitoring and spy apps come with lots of features, users can use these apps for their own purposes. For example, spy apps were initially designed to allow parents to monitor all the activities of their kids but many people use such apps as anti-theft apps and services too. With the help of GPS feature, it is quite easy to locate a lost or stolen device; all you need to do is going to the online dashboard and get the exact geographical location of the device at any given moment.

Even if the thief has turned off the GPS feature, you can get call records, messages and other information that can help law enforcement or police to catch the thief and retrieve your multi-hundred-dollar phone or tablet. Parents all over the globe worry about their kids’ activities and whereabouts. They don’t have the slightest idea of their kids’ online activities, what they do on social networks and what kind of friends they have on WhatsApp or Facebook. These monitoring apps allow parents to see all the online activities of their kids whenever they want.

Interestingly parents can uninstall apps and disable features on their kids’ smartphone or tablet remotely. Other than monitoring their online activities, parents also use GPS tracking function to see the whereabouts of their kids. Obviously the GPS features pinpoints the exact geographical location of the device but it also records the routes. That means parents can see where their kid went yesterday and how much time he spent on a specific place.

How to spy WhatsApp messages without target phone?

In order to spy WhatsApp messages, you first have to install the monitoring app on the target device. Regardless of what app you’ve chosen, you have to install it manually that means you need physical access to that device. Because of the operating system limitations and restrictions, you cannot do that remotely. However you need physical access to the device for the first time only; for installation and initialization process, and after that you can control everything remotely by using the online portal. Protect your kids from Facebook hack, cyberbullying, sexting etc.

When you get your copy of spy app and software, the company also gives you access to the online portal or dashboard. You can access that portal using your credentials and that portal works as a command center from where you can enable/disable different features and control the overall behavior of the device. Depending on the device model you are using and what monitoring app you got, some features could be enabled or disabled by default. To enable WhatsApp monitoring feature, go to the online portal and use your credentials for login.

From there you can enable WhatsApp spying feature and disable features you don’t want to use for now. One of the best things about these monitoring and spy apps is they are undetectable. Monitoring apps work in stealth mode that means the target person cannot know the presence of a monitoring app on his/her phone.

How Do the Whatsapp Spy Apps Work?

We tested countless apps only to bring you the best ones. The thing that we found out is that all the applications from the Top 5 Whatsapp spy apps list use an active internet connection. When the device on which you are trying to spy on doesn’t have one, applications like MSpy store the gathered information so they could be sent at a later time, while applications like Mobistealth don’t function at all.

Don’t get the wrong impression, Mobistealth outperformed Flexispy when it came to the transfer of data at hand at the expense of the ability to communicate constantly. Another thing that we should add is the fact that if you wish for any of these applications to work you need to install them on the device you wish to spy on. Regarding this the installation procedure is the next concern. Some people lack the technical knowledge of their devices to install some of the applications we have tested.

Applications like MSpy were fairly easy to install on every device we tested, on the other hand the application Flexispy had a very complicated installation procedure. We immediately realized that this will turn away some customers and we feel that it was issue worth addressing. During this phase of testing, we realized that the more complicated the installation of the app at hand was, the better the results were. So in regard to this it’s needless to say that MSpy performed well when it overcame the previously mentioned connection problems.

Are Whatsapp Spy Apps Legal?

The laws about any application that is used to spy on another device aren’t always the same. They differ from country to country because the idea and the fact that you can actually spy on another person’s private mobile device is newly developed. Installing unwanted software to some devices can cause you legal problems in some states while this will be overlooked in others. If you wish to avoid any legal issues we strongly advise that you contact your employee or any other person that you wish to spy on and inform them that their Whatsapp messenger is being tracked. The reasons for the existence of this software are numerous and each and every one of them is perfectly justified. So if you are a concerned parent or CEO of a company, the reasons are justifiable. The is no such thing as too much safety.

In conclusion

Top 5 Whatsapp spy apps was a list that we created based on our reviews. We tested functionality, overall design and the user interface, as well as the features that the app that was tested had. We came to the conclusion that all the apps on the list performed well and got the job done. It’s needless to say that some applications performed better that others, the apps that we would like to point out were MSpy and Highster. Other applications on the list had some performance issues but we still would like to give them honorable mentions. These applications were Flexispy and Mobistealth. All of the applications that we tested provide service for the customer and they weren’t free. That is the primary reason we performed all of the tests, to save you a lot of time and money. And it is our hope that we did so.

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