How to Read my Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Messages without her knowing?

Read the Whatsapp messages of your girlfriend

Infidelity is not a common trend all over the globe and contrary to popular belief, it is not gender-specific. Spy apps and services now have made it possible to catch a cheating spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend red handed and amazingly you don’t even need prior knowledge or experience of the subject to use these things. Monitoring apps and services allow you to read the WhatsApp messages of your girlfriend remotely even without touching her phone.

These spy apps are available for several different mobile operating systems and you can see Top 5 spy apps.

How to use these apps?

You must install the spy app of your choice on the target device manually because the installation process can’t be done remotely because of the platform limitations. After the installation and initialization process, login to the web portal company provides and see all the activities performed on the target device.

What these apps could do?

Not only WhatsApp messages of your girlfriend, but monitoring apps and services come with plenty of other features like call monitoring, message monitoring, email monitoring, IM monitoring including Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, social media monitoring like Facebook and Snapchat as well as GPS location tracking that is quite a useful feature.

Some of these apps re only available for some particular desktop and mobile operating systems so visit their official websites to check whether the target device is compatible with a particular app or not.

Obviously these apps work in stealth mode and you don’t have to worry about being caught. The GPS tracking feature not only allows administrators to see the location of target device in real-time but it also shows the previous history and routes so you can see where your girlfriend went last evening and how much time she spent on a particular place.

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